Webquest about Martin Luther King, Gandhi and Nelson Mandela


Names : _________________________________________





Read Gandhi’s biography and answer the questions :


Where and when was Gandhi born ?_______________________________________

1893 - Where did he go to study law ?______________________________________

What happened ? Why ? How do you call it ?_________________________________

1906 - When did he launch his first campaign ? What for ?_______________________

Where did he go in 1914 ? What did he organise ?______________________________

What did he begin in 1930 ? Why ?________________________________________

1932 - Why did Gandhi start a "fast unto death" (= you refuse to eat to obtain something) ? ________________________________________________________________

What are his demands ?_______________________________________________

What did he obtain ?____________________________________________

1947 – What is Gandhi’s main victory?_____________________________________

Why is it different from other victory (think of the title of the webquest) ?_______________

When and how did Gandhi die ?__________________________________________


Why was he called “Mahatma ?________________________________________

Conclude :

Gandhi was a ____________ in India's ____________, _____________ struggle for __________________ from _________________.





Look at the TIMELINE to answer those questions biography :


Where and when was Martin Luther King born? _________________________

What happened to him at school ? How to you call it ?_____________________

When Martin became a pastor, where was his church? _____________________

What did Martin lead in Montgomery, Alabama ? What was he protesting against ? __________________________________________________________

What was the famous speech that Martin gave in Washington, DC?_____________

Where did he give it? ___________________________________________

What great honour did Martin receive in 1964? _______________________________

How did Martin die? ____________________________________________


Read his speech and conclude :

Martin Luther King was a ___________ who worked for ____________ in the _____________________. He won a ______________________, thanks to his famous peaceful speech called “___________________________”.




Read the text and answer the questions with complete sentences.

What did Nelson Mandela dedicate his life to ?________________________________

How long did he stay in jail ? Why ?_______________________________________

What is “apartheid” ?_________________________________________________

What did he become in 1994 ?___________________________________________

What has he become today ?____________________________________________


Conclude :

Nelson Mandela is an _________________ who spent ____ years in _________ as a ___________ and then when released became ______________ of ____________.