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Names :_______________________________________________


I Pollution


Name the four main types of pollution :






How does pollution affect rivers, oceans, and our ecosystem?

The water can be polluted by                     and product           , which may cause the animals who live in the water to get           .

                        also has very                    effects on our atmosphere. There is a              in our                  due to pollution in the air. If this hole gets bigger we won’t be protected from the                  and its            .


II Recycling


What does recycling mean ?




What is the nature’s way of recycling ?




What happens to the products that we throw away ?






III Garbage


How much solid trash does an American man produce each day ?            pounds =       kilos (1pound = 0.5 kilos)

What is the problem ?

Americans are generating waste products              than nature can                           and using up resources faster than they can                                 .                                          is recycled. With a little forethought, we could                or                         more than                         of the landfilled waste. This would reduce the demand                                    of these materials and eliminate severe                             ,                                , and                        health problems.


What is the most promising solution ? R_ _ _ C _ _ _ G

Give three ways of recycling :

- Stop …

- Use …

- Turning …


IV Forest


Give four reasons why forests are being cleared :







Why are trees necessary for our survival ?

They produce                                             (=O2) and                                               (CO2), helping regulate                                                                                    .


How much CO2 does a tree inhale in one year ?                       kilograms (=    pounds)

How much O2 does a tree exhale in one year ?                      


V Water


What is so special about the Earth ?

Earth is the only planet of the solar system that



What would happen if there were no water on Earth ?





What is the most important : water or food ?


What does water control in our bodies ?





VI Energy


Find four different ways of using energy.






More than      % of the world’s energy is supplied by                              .


What are the two big problems with using fossil fuels for energy ?








What do greenhouse gases in the atmosphere make ?





What do extra greenhouse gases cause ?





What is the biggest environmental issue in the world today?


VII Climate Change


What is the name cause of climate change ?


Name four things that people do which put extra greenhouse gases in the air :






Climate change is more than changes to weather. What does climate affect ?





VIII Eco-quizzes


Congratulations ! You’ve done a good job !!

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