Plane and car


You know when and where you will go to Australia.

1) Now, you have to book your plane ticket from London to the city you want in Australia.
Compare the prices of these 2 companies.

British airways
Last minute

Convert the currency from Australian dollars to euros.

Choose a company and a date in order to stay 3 or 4 weeks.
We will travel with ________________(company) from the _____________ to the ______________________(date). It will cost me _______________AUD = __________EUR..

2) To travel within Australia, you can book for a domestic flight or rent a car.

Calculate the distance and choose between plane or car.

Domestic flights (if you choose to fly from one state to another) :

Car rental (if you prefer driving from one state to the other) :

Make a complete sentence :
We will travel by ________________ from _______________ to ________________ on the ______________(date). It will cost me _______________AUD = __________EUR.