Niveau : 4ème à 2nde


Objectifs :

-          lexique : champs lexical du crime

-          Grammaire : simple past VS past continuous

-          Phonétique : /ai/ VS /i/


Compétences : compréhension écrite surtout, production écrite à la fin.




You are the hero of the story. That means that YOU make the decisions while reading. You are led to different paragraphs according to the decisions you take throughout the reading of the story.

Start reading the introduction. You will know the main plot[1] and choose which character you are. Then, follow the instructions and make your own decisions and answers; they will lead you to the paragraph you have to read next.

Enjoy your adventure and good luck !





Manchester, Great Britain, October 12th, 2007


You are a British 15-year-old high school student.

Choose which character you are according to their abilities. You can be a boy or a girl.






Magic 3

Strength 2

Agility 1



Magic 1

Strength 3

Agility 2



Magic 2

Strength 1

Agility 3

As you walk to school down Lincoln street with your best friend Nigel /naidzel/, you hear two men arguing[2] about a piece of paper. Their fight becomes more and more violent. Many people around you have crossed the street, and so have you, but Nigel looks at them, numb[3] and stunned[4]. The tall, strong brown-haired man kicks the other one several times; the latter[5] falls on the ground. The brown-haired man then sees Nigel and shouts :

-“What are you looking at ? What do you want, lad[6] ?”

Nigel , still numb with fear, cannot reply.

Suddenly, a car arrives near the man. The crook[7] takes Nigel with him inside the car that goes far away.

Many people gather[8], frightened, and call the police. You catch sight of the small envelope in the man’s jacket and take it when nobody can see you.

Inside it is a piece of paper containing a map entitled ‘Secret place for a special treasure’.


If you decide to look for the mysterious treasure, go to paragraph 2.

If you prefer trying to find Nigel, go to paragraph 13.




If you are Shawn, go to paragraph 17;

If you are Ethan, go to paragraph 21;

If you are Joyce, go to paragraph 10.




You open the envelope and see a map with an address : 5, South Kent Street. This must be the address of the treasure ! You are very excited and decide to go and find it ! What can it be ? Money
? Gold ? A magic wand[9] ?

You look at a city map and find the address. It is a tiny dark house, covered with a vegetation full of thorns[10] , kept by a huge black and brown dog.

If you try to get it, go to paragraph 33.

If you prefer looking for Nigel, go to paragraph 35.




You enter the left door. You arrive in the middle of a ballet class. An old woman at the front is playing an air of Chopin on the piano. The ballet teacher is tall, extremely slim, wears ballet shoes, white stockings and a beautiful short black ballet dress. She looks very pretty but strict. She speaks with a Russian accent and invites you to join the group of girls. You try to refuse but she forces you and you feel a bit like Billy Elliott ! At the end of the class, you ask her if she knows Guy.

-“Yes, come with me and I’ll introduce you to him.”

You follow her, very happy even though you had to practise ballet to get there ! But as you enter the room, four men take you violently and attach you to a chair with chains, near Nigel… You understand that you did not solve the riddle well and that the ballet teacher was an accomplice !

Your adventure is over.




-“Congratulations !! You’re better than I thought ! You deserve to know where Guy is. I heard him say that he has some business to do in the gang’s shed[11].”

-“Where’s the gang’s shed ?” you ask, happy.

-“You know Guy but you don’t know where the gang’s shed is ?! she asks suspiciously. It’s just behind”, she shows a back door behind her that leads to a courtyard behind the shop.

-“Can I go out through this door” ? you ask.


In the courtyard, you see a big shed with four doors and a riddle on the wall. Solve the riddle to know which door leads to Guy.

The crooks  ________ (argue) when you ________ (enter).

1)      argued… entered______________________________________ go to paragraph 5

2)      were arguing… were entering ____________________________ go to paragraph 12

3)      were arguing … entered _________________________________ go to paragraph 15

4)      argued … were entering _________________________________ go to paragraph 3




You enter the right room. There is no light, and the heavy door immediately closes behind you. You step forward and fall down a very big hole[12]… You understand that you did not solve the riddle well…

Your adventure is over.




Congratulations ! You are very slim and agile and manage to go through the big clumsy[13] warden ! You quickly open the door and slip into the back room. Go to paragraph 26.




 You push the heavy door of the newsagent in High street. You are the only customer. A young lady with a tiny red skirt and a piece of clothes that is supposed to be a top is smoking a cigarette while reading an article about Paris Hilton in a magazine.

-“Hi” you say to catch her attention.

-“How can I help ?” she says, without even looking at you.

-“I’d like to talk to Guy.”

As you say his name, she immediately puts her magazine down and stares[14] at you.

-“Guy ?”

-“Yes, Guy Hamilton.”

-“You look rather young to hang out with Guy.”

After a short while, she proposes to tell you where he is if you solve a riddle. Here is the riddle :

1)      When I came in, the woman ________ (read) an article about Paris Hilton.

2)      - What were you doing ? – I _________ (look for) Nigel.

3)      People ________ (cross) the street when the man fell down.

What is the tense of the verbs between brackets ?

Past continuous _______________________________ go to paragraph 4

Simple past __________________________________ go to paragraph 9




You are 7, South Kent Street, in front of a small wooden[15] house, with roses of every colours all around the house. A very nice smell of cake and chocolate comes from inside the house. You ring the bell and a charming old woman opens the door. You introduce yourself and tell the woman about the treasure you want to find.

“Hello. My name is Jane Bradshaw. I’m afraid I don’t have a treasure to offer you, but I’ve made many cakes and sweets and chocolate. Please come in and help yourself !” she says.

As you feel hungry, you reckon[16] you deserve a break after what happened this morning. You come in sit down and have a piece of chocolate fudge[17], with a glass of almond milk. That tastes excellent, but as you finish your piece, you start feeling dizzy, and fall down ! This cake was full of poison; that was a trap[18] as you did not answer well…

Your adventure is over.




“Alright. Wait a minute”, she says while leaving by the back door. When she come back, she is not alone. She is with Guy, the man that took Nigel ! You want to run away but he runs faster than you. He kicks you out in the street. You understand that you did not answer well and you wait for the ambulance to come.

Your adventure is over.




You are not very clever to try to fight him, as you know you are not very tough[19]. The Viking-like man kicks you out, in the street. The ambulance will arrive soon but your adventure is over.




Excellent choice ! You are a good magician and can easily hypnotise people. The warden[20] slips into a state of dream, which allows you to open the door and enter the back room. Go to paragraph 26.




You enter the second door on the right. It is a small cinema room ! The film starts on the big screen as you sit on a comfortable red armchair. It is a thriller with Bruce Willis and Angelina Jolie. You have never seen it but it looks interesting. Five minutes after the beginning, your chair moves as Bruce Willis fights with a gangster. You believe that it is a moving cinema and thinks it is great ! But you soon understand that it is a trap[21] ! You chair turns upside down and you fall down a big tube to fall down the ground right in front of four men, sat around a table. You recognise the crook that took Nigel and see Nigel attached to a chair with chains. They come to hit you violently. You understand that you did not solve the riddle well.

Your adventure is over.




Before the ambulance arrives, you talk to the man on the ground.

-“Are you all right ?”, you ask.

-“My face hurts so much !” he replies.

-“The man who hit you just kidnapped my friend. I want to find him. Who is he ? Where is he going now ?”

-“It’s too dangerous for you ! His name is Guy /gai/ Hamilton. You can get information about his gang at the newsagent’s in High street. But please don’t go, ask the police to help you.”

-“Oh, yes I will. Thanks a lot. The ambulance is coming, you’ll be fine.”

If you listen to the wounded[22] man, call the police to find Nigel and then  look for the treasure, go to paragraph 2.

If you call the police but do not trust them and decide to look for Nigel by yourself, go to paragraph 7.




If you are Shawn, go to paragraph 30;

If you are Ethan, go to paragraph 11;

If you are Joyce, go to paragraph 24.



A very tall and strong blond man that looks like a Viking is guarding a door from which you the voice of several men and the screams of a teenager that sounds like Nigel.

You must act fast.

If you fight the man, go to paragraph 1;

If you try to hypnotise him using your magic powers, go to paragraph 14;

If you try to reach the door, passing through the man, go to paragraph 16.




If you are Shawn, go to paragraph 19;

If you are Ethan, go to paragraph 29;

If you are Joyce, go to paragraph 6.




You are very tough[23] so you are right to choose to fight him. You start punching[24] him in his belly, so that he bends. You can then hit him with your shoulder on his back. He is hurt but manages to give you a violent kick on your face. You recover[25] quickly and finish the fight with a strong kick that makes him fall down.

You quickly open the door before he stands up again. Go to paragraph 26.




They refuse the deal.

-“Who do you think we are ! You will go to the police to tell them where we are !”

-“No I won’t !” you shout.

-“And how do we know if the map is good ?”

-“I found it in the man’s pocket, on the pavement !” you try ton convince them.

-“Yeah, right …”

They do not believe you, start fighting you both and kick you out. You both wait for the ambulance to come. Your adventure is over.




As you are much lighter and slimmer than the big warden[26], you manage to go through him until the door. Unfortunately, his big hands manage to catch you and to kick you out violently, in the street. You wait for the ambulance, which will come soon. Your adventure is over.




-“Wrong answer ! the tallest man says, I’m sure that’s a fake map. These kids try to dump us !”

-“Who do you think we are !?!” another one shouts.

You understand that you are not to leave unscathed[27]… As Guy searches you, he finds a copy of the map and understand that you also wanted the treasure.

The four men get very nervous, kick you both house on the street’s curb. You both have to wait for the ambulance.

Your adventure is over.




You are quite strong but not enough for the Viking-looking man. You manage to punch him one but it does not hurt him enough. He kicks you out, down the street. You wait for the ambulance, which will come soon. Your adventure is over.




You arrive near a big Victorian mansion[28]. The front door is open. You come in and get to a big living room with a big fire place, nice Victorian furniture and a large piano. The map indicates that the treasure is in the piano. You open the piano and find a note with a riddle to solve :

Which line is correct ?



Past continuous

Go to …

I find

I finded

I have found

The oven in the kitchen (paragraph 28)

I find

I found

I was finding

The flush[29] in the bathroom (paragraph 23)

I find

I founded

I had found

The safe[30] in the attic[31] (paragraph 31)




You are really smart[32] ! You look for the bathroom . It is on the first floor, opposite the main bedroom. You open the toilets and see a pack.

-“Do you reckon[33] that is the treasure ?” Nigel asks you.

-“I don’t know. Let’s open it and we’ll see !” you propose.

-“Okay !”

You are both very excited, open the pack and what do you see ?

1000 euros !!!!

Congratulations !! You have now 500 euros each !!!!

Imagine you have spent it one month later and tell Nigel what you did with it. Write a paragraph of about 100 words and use the preterit.




You are not a bad magician but the warden[34] is too strong for your powers. He starts dreaming a bit but soon reacts when you try to slip into the back room. He kicks you out, in the street. You wait for the ambulance, which will come soon. Your adventure is over.




-“Wrong answer, a blond ugly[35] man says, we have the map now but we won’t let you go like this ! It’s too easy”, he laughs, with his four friends.

-“That’s perfect, we needed some help here, we’ve got too much work playing cards all day long”, Guy adds.

They all laugh and the tallest one tells you :

-“From now, you are our slaves !”

They attach your hands together and you understand that you will remain in this shed with them for a long time…

Your adventure is over.




Your friend Nigel is attached to a large heavy chair with strong chains and the crook is discussing with three friends around a table, smoking and drinking beer. As you come in, they stop talking and look at you :

-“What do you want ?” the first man asks you.

-“I’ve got a deal[36] to propose.”

-“A deal ? You don’t know who you’re dealing with, boy !” the second man says. They all laugh, very proud of themselves.

-“Listen. I want my friend back and I’ve got something for you in return.”

-“Really ? Something for us ? What have you got ?”

-“The map of the treasure you’re looking for.” You show them the envelope you found, quite happy with yourself.

Before they accept the deal, they want to test you deeply. Thus, you have test to do.

Which of the letters in bold have the same sound ?

Guy / crime / Nigel _____________________________________________Go to paragraph 27.

Guy / police / kick ______________________________________________Go to paragraph 18.




They accept the deal, take your envelope and detach Nigel.

-“We had nothing to do with him anyway. And you have no proof against us.” The first man says.

-“Thanks and good bye”, you both reply.

You have another test to do before leaving the room.

Which list is composed of past continuous verbs only ?

-          He was looking for the treasure / Have they been looking for the treasure ? / I was looking for the treasure. __________________________ Go to paragraph 25.

-          She had punched the crook / Had we punched the crook ? / You were punching the crook.__________________________________________ Go to paragraph 20.

-          I was proposing a deal / Were you proposing a deal ? / They were proposing a deal. _______________________________________________ Go to paragraph 34.




You open the oven and a heavy smoke is invading the whole kitchen. You start coughing[37] and moving your hands to evacuate it. But it is too late ! You did not find the solution; the treasure was not in the oven. You understand that the fumes are toxic. They get heavier and heavier and you collapse[38] on the floor.

Your adventure is over.




You are too clumsy for that ! You cannot even walk two steps and the big warden catches you and kicks you out with violence. You wait for the ambulance, which will come soon. Your adventure is over.




Poor boy ! You are such a bad magician ! You cannot hypnotise the Viking-like man at all. He laughs at you and kicks you out with violence, down the street. You wait for the ambulance, which will come soon. Your adventure is over.




The attic is very dusty[39], and contain many old princess dresses, paintings, candles and finally you see a big safe[40]. It is locked but you noticed several keys on the wall when you entered the attic. You take all of them and try them on the lock. The third one finally opens the safe !

As soon as it is open, you see a blue light and fumes from the back of the safe and a very violent stream of air takes you inside. You hear a loud weird voice slowly talking to you :

-“You are too curious, you like introducing yourself everywhere. That’s why I’ll change you into a little mouse so that you can search every corner of every room you like !” the voice laughs heavily.

You feel yourself reducing fast and you have now become a … little mouse !

Your adventure is over.




When you arrive home, your mum runs to you :

-“Where have you been ? The school called me to tell ma that you and Nigel did not go to school and that someone saw Nigel being kidnapped. I was so worried !”

She takes you in her arm and you explain what happened. You call the police and have a rest[41] home, eating cooking and imagining what the treasure can be with Nigel.




You open the small gate and manage to enter the garden. But as you step forward to open the door of the house, the big dog barks[42] very loud and runs with anger. You run fast outside the garden but the dog is too quick for you : he jumps on your back, you fall down on the ground and two strong men arrive from the house, hit you and take you with them into their car.

When they stop the car, they take you into a dirty shed[43], and attach you to a chair with chains, next to Nigel…

Your adventure is over.




Congratulations ! You manage to leave the gang’s shed with Nigel, unscathed[44].

-“Oh, thank you ! I was so numb with fear… How did you find me ?” Nigel asks you.

You explain him what you did and have other great news to tell him :

-“I made a copy of the map, the real adventure can start now !”

-“Great ! And I have information to help us !”

-“Really ?” you ask, surprised.

-Yes, I heard them say that the map is unreadable unless you know that the numbers have been changed : we have to add 2 to each number and the direction are reversed, South is North and North is South !

You look at the map and read the address : 5 South Kent street, Manchester. Where do you go now ?

You had enough adventure for today and go back home, safe.________________ Go to paragraph 32.

You go to 7, North Kent street. ________________________________________ Go to paragraph 22.

You go to 7, South Kent street. ________________________________________ Go to paragraph 8.




You go back to the place where the accident took place[45] to talk to the man who has been attacked. When you get there, you see the ambulance leaving; you run to reach it and shout :

“Stop, please wait for me !!!”

But it is too late, the ambulance is very fast and you cannot reach it. You will never know where Nigel is because you wanted the treasure for yourself instead of helping your friend immediately… You just have to go to the police.

Your adventure is over.



[1]              Plot = story

[2]              Argue = fight with words

[3]              numb = motionless, immobile

[4]              stunned = very surprised, astonished

[5]              the latter = the last person or thing we have talked about

[6]              lad = man

[7]              crook = bad man

[8]              gather = come together

[9]              wand = magic stick

[10]             thorn = “épine”

[11]             shed = garage

[12]             hole = “trou”

[13]             clumsy = not agile

[14]             stare = look deeply

[15]             wooden = made of wood

[16]             reckon = think

[17]             fudge = excellent British cake with a lot of butter

[18]             trap = « piège »

[19]             tough /taf/ = strong

[20]             warden = guardian

[21]             trap = « piège »

[22]             wounded /id/ = hurt

[23]             tough /taf/ = strong

[24]             punch = hit with your fist/hand

[25]             recover = feel better

[26]             warden = guardian

[27]             unscathed = safe

[28]             mansion = big house

[29]             flush = system that throws water in the toilets

[30]             safe /seif/ = big bow where you put gold, money…

[31]             attic = room just under the roof

[32]             smart = clever, intelligent

[33]             reckon = think

[34]             warden = guardian

[35]             ugly = not good-looking

[36]             deal = proposition

[37]             cough = “tousser”

[38]             collapse = fall

[39]             dusty = full of dust

[40]             safe /seif/ = big bow where you put gold, money…

[41]             have a rest = relax

[42]             bark = noise made by dogs

[43]             shed = garage

[44]             Unscathed = safe, not hurt

[45]             take place = happen, occur